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In Florida, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (“OPPAGA”) says if property owners hire a Public Adjuster to represent them with their insurance company property claim they could make, on average, 574% more on their property claim opposed to doing it themselves.  Public Adjusters are commission based, licensed by each State’s insurance commission, bonded and insured.

And, even after paying the average 18% public adjuster commission, property owners could still make, on average, more than 550% more on their property claims opposed to doing it themselves.


The problem is the lack of awareness by property owners with property claims that public adjusters exist.  95% of property owners with property claims represent themselves not using public adjusters.

The solution to this problem is outsourced image & brand building awareness campaigns including TV, radio, Internet direct response and social media promotion.  Consumer awareness is the key to solving our problem.

Look at GEICO – GEICO started as a small Government Employee Insurance Company spending aggressively on awareness campaigns through outsourced advertising, image and brand building firms informing people ‘If you give us 15 minutes you could save 15% or more on your car insurance’ and it worked.

We will use similar outsourced firms like those used by GEICO to solve the public adjuster awareness problem informing property owners they can make, on average, more than 500% on their property claim, as opposed to doing it themselves, by using a Claims Detectives public adjuster.


This is the story of The Claims Detectives
Insured Solutions Management tool…

Ensuring the smooth transition of property damage claim information from Claims Detectives’ public adjusters in the field to The Claims Detectives Atlanta hub settlement professionals is the schematic design for The Claims Detectives’ proprietary Insured Solutions Management tool (the “ISM”).  ISM’s proprietary design replaces the multitude of independent software tools rented each year by all public adjusters. These rented software tools are required for property damage claims settlement, but fail to communicate entered information between software tools forcing public adjusters to enter and reenter the same information repeatedly – often creating entry errors.  ISM information is entered once and shared throughout the entire Claims Detectives system via the Cloud to and from connected Claims Detectives proprietary hardware.

ISM’s creation enables Claims Detectives public adjusters in the field to efficiently provide all necessary property claim information to our Atlanta hub staff for final settlement. The ISM process frees up The Claims Detectives public adjuster employees by handing off the “heavy lifting” required in settling and processing property damage claims to The Claims Detectives Atlanta hub settlement professionals.  This hand off enables our public adjusters to work less and make more money as they are free to work on many more claims at one time.


The Claims Detectives is an Atlanta based public adjustment corporation with plans to serve the greater Atlanta area with its initial launch.  Atlanta is recognized as the 35
th largest economy in the world with weather conditions creating massive property damage claims against insurance companies. The Claims Detectives image and brand building campaign will inform property owners to step back and allow professional, licensed, bonded, commission based Claims Detectives public adjuster representation of their property claims against their insurance companies.

Atlanta will serve as the nationwide Claims Detective’s operational hub. The Claims Detectives Atlanta hub staff of in-house employee insurance attorneys, accountants and claims settlement specialists focusing on relieving local public adjusters from the heavy lifting of negotiating and settling each claim is projected to result in faster and larger claim settlements for the property owners.

The Claims Detectives projected 200 office national expansion plan begins at the Atlanta hub with growth projected by adding offices and public adjuster employees in increments of 100 miles from Atlanta growing in a logical geographic pattern. Growth requires expanded image and branding campaigns using traditional local media, like “Give The Claims Detectives 15 minutes and you could receive 550% more on your property damage claim opposed to doing it yourself as well as outsourced services of innovative crowd marketing campaigns informing and building a nationwide property owner customer base.