The problem is the lack of awareness by property owners with property claims that public adjusters exist.  95% of property owners with property claims represent themselves not using public adjusters.

The solution to this problem is outsourced image & brand building awareness campaigns including TV, radio, Internet direct response and social media promotion.  Consumer awareness is the key to solving our problem.

Look at GEICO – GEICO started as a small Government Employee Insurance Company spending aggressively on awareness campaigns through outsourced advertising, image and brand building firms informing people ‘If you give us 15 minutes you could save 15% or more on your car insurance’ and it worked.

We will use similar outsourced firms like those used by GEICO to solve the public adjuster awareness problem informing property owners they can make, on average, more than 500% on their property claim, as opposed to doing it themselves, by using a Claims Detectives public adjuster.

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